Introductory Offer
3 Classes in two weeks!  $29.00
This is a great opportunity to try out some of our class offerings!  

Membership Offerings

Single Class = $18

6 times a month

Month to Month $89/mo (per class $14.83)

6 Months $79/mo (per class $13.16)

12 Months $69/mo (per class $11.50)

Unlimited Classes a month 

Month to Month $109.00/mo (per class @ 12 $9.08)

6 Months $89.00/mo (per class @12 $7.41)

12 Months $79.00/mo (per class @12 $6.58)

(unlimited price per class based on a average of 12 classes a month)

We can design our memberships to fit your wellness goals, lifestyle and budget.  Let us design the perfect membership for you!